Kanidm is a simple and secure identity management platform, which provides services to allow other systems and application to authenticate against. The project aims for the highest levels of reliability, security and ease of use.

The goal of this project is to be a complete identity management provider, covering the broadest possible set of requirements and integrations. You should not need any other components (like Keycloak) when you use Kanidm. We want to create a project that will be suitable for everything from personal home deployments, to the largest enterprise needs.

To achieve this we rely heavily on strict defaults, simple configuration, and self-healing components.

The project is still growing and some areas are developing at a fast pace. The core of the server however is reliable and we make all effort to ensure upgrades will always work.

Kanidm supports:

  • OAuth2/OIDC Authentication provider for Web SSO
  • Read only LDAPS gateway
  • Linux/Unix integration (with offline authentication)
  • SSH key distribution to Linux/Unix systems
  • RADIUS for network authentication
  • Passkeys / Webauthn for secure cryptographic authentication
  • A self service web UI
  • Complete CLI tooling for administration

If you want to host your own centralised authentication service, then Kanidm is for you!

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