Documentation for Kanidm’s available in two streams, the most recent release (stable) and most recent push to the development branch (latest). You can also see a list of the previous versions here.

For guidance on installing and using Kanidm, see the Kanidm Book. (Latest) (Stable)

We also have a short developer guide. (Latest) (Stable)

Module documentation

Below are links to rust documentation for the various Kanidm modules.

kanidmd [Latest] [Stable]
kanidm_cli [Latest] [Stable]
kanidm_client [Latest] [Stable]
kanidm_proto [Latest] [Stable]
kanidm_unixd [Latest] [Stable]
kanidm_unixd_tasks [Latest] [Stable]
nss_kanidm [Latest] [Stable]
orca [Latest] [Stable]
pam_kanidm [Latest] [Stable]